Deep Groundwater
"Rangetsu Springs"

The baths at Rangetsu use natural water sourced from deep underground, courtesy of Arashiyama's rich natural environment.
Soak in the hot water with excellent health benefits and relax to your heart's content.

About "Rangetsu Springs"

The geological stratum that makes up Arashiyama is called the Tamba stratum group which dates back to 240 million to 140 million years ago. Rainfall from the Tamba mountains seeps deep into Arashiyama, dissolving minerals in the strata over time, resulting in the deep underground water used in our baths at Rangetsu.


Sodium :114.7mg/L
Hydrogen carbonate ion :276.5mg/L
*These two components combine to form sodium carbonate (baking soda). [From deep seawater analysis table]


Makes your skin smooth
Bathing in sodium carbonate water smooths the skin's surface.

Large Public Bath

Guests staying at the inn can also enjoy the large public bath in addition to the private bath in their room.
Stretch your legs in the large bath and relieve the fatigue of your day.
Large Public Bath1
Large Public Bath2
Evening Hours: 15:00–23:00
Morning Hours: 6:00–10:30
Amenities such as towels and basic cosmetics are provided.