Our ryokan is located in the heart of Arashiyama, Kyoto.
Here, you can indulge
in the luxury of relaxing and unwinding.
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Rangetsu, a culinary ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn), is blessed with the beauty of Arashiyama and the Ōi-gawa River of Kyoto. Enjoy a luxurious time away from your daily life with Kyoto's seasonal cuisine and our hot water bath, sourced from the pure underground waters renowned for their healthful properties.

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Enjoy our open-air bath with a view of Arashiyama and our newly renovated rooms.

A comfortable space and a tranquil atmosphere. You can relax to your heart's content while admiring the scenery. The newly renovated luxury suite with semi-open-air bath boasts a generous size of over 59m², featureting a Simmons mattress for unparalleled comfort.
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We offer the finest seasonal ingredients in every dish.

We abundantly use seasonal ingredients to showcase their unique flavors to provide our customers with the finest Kyoto kaiseki cuisine.


A blissful moment surrounded by the rising steam.

The baths at Rangetsu utilize natural spring water drawn from deep beneath Arashiyama, known for its healthful properties. Soak in the hot water with excellent health benefits and relax to your heart's content.
A tasteful appearance that heightens your expectations.
The wooden gate that stands amidst the warm lights. You can't help but smile as you imagine the time that is about to come.